Paws For Gabriel

Gabriel is a 14 year old that was born with Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) and also diagnosed at 5 years old with  Autism. He is a loving and fun kiddo.

However, he struggles with communication and regulating his emotions.  An Autism Service dog will be trained to provide assistance with interrupting these behaviors, assist with communication delays, and alerting him/us to dangerous situations as well as to physical reduction of cortisol levels (measurement of stress). A service dog would really help Gabriel to flourish and allow him to have some measure of independence since he needs to be watched 24/7 by a caretaker or mom and dad.

A service dog although very needed and beneficial to Gabriel is also very expensive. Insurance does not cover this medical necessity so we have to raise the funds ourselves. Please consider purchasing a custom-designed shirt. The artist (JoAnn Briseno) is a fellow mom of a beautiful daughter that also has Down Syndrome.  A portion of the sales will go directly to Gabriel’s fund.

We appreciate the support of so many dear friends and family that have been following us on this adventure.

Sincere thank yous to everyone!
Gabriel and Family


Gabriel T Fundraiser

Gabriel T V-Neck Fundraiser

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shipped approx. 2 weeks from order – free ground shipping in USA

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