Centennial High School
T-Shirts & Phone Cases

Show others that you are a proud of your school, while at the same time showing your school spirit with these cool t-shirts and phone cases. Purchase one of the items from this page and a donation will be made to Centennial High School’s Pride of the Pack Band.

CeHS-Centennial-high-school-mascot-coyote-hoodie-blueCoyote Mascot

CeHS-Centennial-high-school-t-shirt-coyote-proud-loud-ashProud Loud & Pleasing
The Crowd

centennial high-wear cool stuff-shirt digs-tee shirt-royal blue

Proud and Unique Senior
Class of 2018

CeHS-Centennial-high-school-t-shirt-coyote-true-redCoyote Mascot

CeHS-Centennial-high-school-t-shirt-coyote-royal-v-neck-navyCoyote Mascot

CeHS-Centennial-high-school-t-shirt-coyote-c-blackCentennial High T-Shirt

CeHS-Centennial-high-school-phone case-coyoteMascot Phone Case
Red, Blue or Black

shipped approx. 2 weeks from order – free ground shipping in USA

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